Using Free Catholic Bazaar

The material on this site is gathered here rather than referenced with links for several reasons.

Links are provide to:

Notes on the presentation format.

All file and directory names are lower case with underscore (_) for a space character. This avoids incompatibilites between systems that distinguish case and those that do not. It also assures a uniform sorting order and simplifies the use of commands that require special handling of names with spaces.

The top level organization divides the material into Books, Audio Books, Periodicals, Music,and Art. Additional categories may be added later.

At the second level are the authors or artists. The works of each author are grouped together. Each author directory contains a brief ~biography.html.

Each author directory contains one or more directories, where each directory represents a given work. All the files relevant to that work are in the directory with the name of the work. The names of the files provide the identification of the content both on this site and on your computer or mp3 player. The mp3 files here are 64KB, sufficent for voice. 128KB files are available at Librivox. See the file ~source.html in each "work" directory for further details and links to related material. The different files in each work directory represent

If you do not know the name of the author or work, use the Search by Content dialog that provides a Google-like report of files with content that matches your query.

If you know part of the file or directory name, use Search by file name. It will return any file or directory name that matches your entry.

For a complete list of all works in the system use List of titles to browse. Click on any line to go to that work.

List of titles, newest first will produce a list of all works sorted in order of addition to the site, newest first. Use this to see what is new. Click on any line to go to that work.